Alternate endingsEdit

Inspired by a similar page on Deadliest Warrior Wiki, this is a page where alternate endings for AFO episodes can be posted. Any contributions are welcome.

Tiger vs. bearEdit

In the wintry taiga of Siberia a sleepless - and hungry - brown bear comes across a Siberian tiger recently killed a deer and is currently feeding. The tiger at first tries to avoid the face-off by dragging the deer away, but it's too heavy and the brown bear is coming upon them fast. The tiger roars a challenge and the bear responds by standing upright as bears tend to when they're in a fight. The tiger lunges at the bear, trying to bite and claw it, but the brown bear has a longer reach and is able to keep the tiger at bay.

As the tiger is running out of energy, it decides that a change of strategy is needed and begins to circle around the bear. The hungry bear, thinking that it has won, begins to move towards the dead deer instead. That gives the tiger an opening it was looking for: it attacks the bear from behind, clawing and raking the bear's backside and hind legs. Enraged and in pain, the bear stands up, and the tiger lunges upwards and sideways, biting the bear's throat.

Attempting to get rid of the tiger, the bear topples backwards, trying to squash the lighter tiger with its weight, but the tiger jumps away, making the bear fall alone.

As the bear lies there, briefly stunned from its fault, the tiger jumps onto it, and bites into the bear's throat once more. Now the bear is too dis-coordinated to protect itself, and the tiger kills it, before beginning to eat the bear instead. The tiger has won.

Gorilla vs. leopardEdit

It's evening in the African juungle, and a male silverback gorilla has wandered away from its family to spend the night by itself, unaware, that nearby a female leopard has left its cubs to hunt.

Soon, the two mammals encounter each other, and neither is pleased: the silverback beats its chest, trying to frighten the big cat away. The leopard isn't impressed and responds with its own threatening display of hissing and snarling. Sadly, neither animal is budging away, and the combatants will have to fight instead.

The silverback and the leopard charge at each other, but the leopard dodges at the last moment, jumping up a mound of rock that is conveniently located nearby. As the gorilla looks around, the leopard uses its superior low-light vision to launch a sneak attack - but it fails to bite the gorilla's neck, biting its shoulder instead - after some flailing around, the gorilla is able to grab the big cat and throw it off itself.

The leopard tries to launch another sneak attack, but now the gorilla is ready, and engages the big cat in a melee brawl, using its powerful arms to keep the cat off balance and inflicts a powerful bite of its own at the leopard's back.

By now both combatants are bloodied, tired, bruised and are running low on energy. Fear for their respective families prevents them from calling it quits even now, and they decide to finish it once and for all instead. The leopard lunges, seemingly aiming high for another bite at the groilla's throat, and the gorilla responds by swinging its mighty arms once again. Sadly, half-way through its lunge the leopard goes low instead, dodging under the gorilla's counterattack, and then jumping upwards to bite the silverback. The silverback responds with a bone-crushing hug from its arms, and after several moments of standing still and upright both animals fall.

After several moments the leopard is able pull itself out of the now-dead gorilla's grasp: it was able to choke the great primate before its own back was broken. Now, however, it is in no shape to hunt, and instead drags the dead silverback to its lair to feed on it instead. The leopard has won.

Wolf vs. CougarEdit

A wolf is eating its dinner; from a great distance, when a cougar catches the smell of meat, and comes to investigate. The big cat comes across the wolf eating. Lying down, it thinks about how to steal the meal without having the canine to call for reinforcements.

Soon after that, the wolf notices the cougar. He growls a warning at the cougar. The mountain lion does the same. The wolf soon responds by charging forward and ferociously bites the cougar′s back leg, but backs off when the cat pounces on him with his front legs and lethal claws. The wolf howls to his pack for backup. Realizing he′s in grave danger, the cougar tries to retreat, but the large canine stops him by biting his paw. Furious, the cougar rolls onto his back, exposing its unprotected throat. Seeing his chance to strike, the wolf lunges and sinks his teeth into the cougar's throat. As the big cat struggles to get free, the wolf bites down harder and the cougar slowly bleeds to death. The wolf howl in victory over the cougar's corpse and feeds on his new kill as he waits for his pack to join him.