American Alligator
The American alligator (or simply alligator) is the one of the larger species of crocodilians in the modern world. It is not a true crocodile, but is more closely related to the caimans of Central and South America. Featured in the episode "American black bear vs. American alligator), it confronts the American black bear in Florida's Everglade swamps and loses.

Size and physical propertiesEdit

As one of the largest crocodilians in the Western hemisphere, a bull American alligator can weigh 400 kg and reach almost 5 m in length (though this is rare nowadays). It possesses one of the strongest bites in the animal kingdom and attacks from an underwater ambush, utilizing quick bursts of speed to bite and drown mammals, birds, reptiles and fish, as well as other, smaller animals.

The battleEdit

==A bear was coming over to a lake on a hot Floridan day, Suddenly an alligator erupts from the water, dragging the bear into the lake. The alligator tried using the death roll but the bear bashed the gator's jaw. The bear had to get back to the surface to breath but the alligator pulled some more, The bear fatally clawed the alligator making it drown. The bear began to swam back to land==