Canadian Rockies - the bear at Lake Louise

The American black bear (or simply the black bear) is the smallest species of bear in North America, and the most well-spread and variable species of bear as well. So far, it has appeared only in the episode "American Black Bear vs. American Alligator", from which the black bear has emerged victorious.

The Face-OffEdit

The bear is drinking from a swamp on a hot Florida day. Suddenly, an alligator erupts out of the water, startling the bear. The alligator bites the bear's leg, leaving a wound. However, it only bites fur, fat, and muscle. The bear fights back. The alligator tries to do a tail swipe, but the bear dodges it. Running out of energy and at a disadvantage on land, the alligator tries to retreat into the water, but the bear stops it. The alligator tries to roll away but gets stuck on its back and the bear pins it. The bear scratches deep into the alligator's soft underbelly, fatally wounding it and the bear walks away.


  • It is the second bear to win a face-off on the show.
  • It is the first mammal to win a face-off against a reptile.
  • In real life, black bears (injured or young) are often attacked and killed by alligators, rather than how it was featured on the AFO.
  • Dave Salmoni was the black bear expert in the episode.