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Bear vs Tiger was 7th episode of AFO. It was set in the Siberian taiga.


On a snowy day, a tiger named Raja is feeding. A large brown bear named Teddy passes by, looking for one last meal before going into hibernation. Feeling hiss meal threatened, the tiger roars at Teddy to back off, but the much larger carnivore keeps coming. Raja then tries to knock down Teddy with all its might, but the bear absorbed the blows without losing its balance. Raja tries to deliver a neck-bite, but Teddy knocks the tiger down. Teddy then knocks the tiger on the ground, and moves straight for the meal. Angry at the thievery, the tiger jumps on Teddy from behind and latches on with his claws, cutting deep, but failing to disable. The much stronger bear then turns around and paw swipes Raja′s head, injuring his face. Soon, Teddy sees an opening, so he breaks Raja′s back and bites his neck, killing him at once before moving on to the meal.

Episode AnalysisEdit

Bear vs Tiger was one of the more straightforward episodes. The tiger had lost, because in a straight, face-on fight the brown bear was a bigger and stronger hunter. If the tiger had been able to attack from the flank or the back, the situation might have been different.