Bull Shark
240px-Bullshark Beqa Fiji 2007


11 feet (3.3 meters)


200 pounds

Number of Teeth

300. Can always regrow.


11 MYA-present

Enemy in the Show




First Appearance

Hippopotamus vs Bull Shark

Bull shark was the second species of shark to have appeared on Animal Face-off, and the last species of shark to appear on this show up to date. It is the only large shark to frequent both fresh and salt water, and is perhaps the most dangerous fish to be encountered in freshwater lakes and rivers.

The bull shark is an ambush predator with a relatively short and stocky body and with a mouth full of several rows of sharp, serrated teeth. Its' prey includes turtles, bony fish, birds, dolphins and even other sharks.

Physical propertiesEdit

Males are generally smaller than the females are. This makes it smaller than the Great White Shark and the bull shark is likely to be defeated if the two species of sharks ever confront each other.


The bull shark can survive in open ocean, but prefers to hunt in shallow, murky waters commonly found along subtropical and tropical coasts, river deltas and inland channels, including South Africa, Australia, and USA.


  • Bull sharks bite force is 0.567 metric tons. It can also regrow it's teeth
  • Bull sharks are able to smell blood from a mile away.
  • Bull sharks can swim at speeds of up to 25 mph. (35 km/h)


The hippopotamus has a wound from fighting another member of its species and the smell of blood attracts the bull shark. The bull shark hits the hippo with his bump and bite technique, startling the hippo and causing it to thrash in fear. After confirming the hippo is food, he tries to attack by biting the hippo's body and stomach as hard as he can. The hippo's thick hide combined with his enormous girth is too much of a mouthful for the much smaller shark. Even the thin skin on the back leg proves too tough for the shark. However, the bull shark manages to bite off the hippo's tail. Badly hurt, the hippopotamus still doesn't know what hit him, but the very painful attack rouses his bad temper. The hippo counterattacks by putting his huge head into the water, his enormous jaws easily encircling the shark. As he opens his huge mouth the shark charges forward with his own mouth open, only to be killed when the hippo crunches down on his head, ending the fight.