The Giant Squid is a huge 18 metre long squid that lurks in the dark ocean depths. It appears in Episode 12 to battle it's mortal enemy, the Sperm Whale.

Giant Squid vs. Turtle vs. LobsterEdit

Near the coral reef, a turtle grabs a lobster and brings it deep into the cove but is attacked by a giant squid. The giant squid squeezes the turtle and lobster but is hit by a clown fish's home, the turtle and lobster break free. The turtle gives up and swims away, the giant squid eats the lobster

Episode 12Edit

In the cold dark waters of the Southern Ocean, a Giant squid is being bashed a Sperm whale and goes in to battle with him. The Giant squid tries to attack the Sperm whale but the giant whale bites the squid and pulls off one off its tentacles before trying to scar him. The Giant squid is shaken off of the Sperm whale, after rising to the surface. The Sperm whale then paralizes the squid and eats it alive.Edit

Triva Edit

  • The Giant Squid is the second biggest creature in the entire series.
  • The Giant Squid is the only squid to appear.
  • The Giant Squid appears in final episode of the series.
  • It is the only the invertebrate to appear in the series up to date.