Great White Shark


7 metres (23 feet)


3.7 tons

Number of Teeth

300, Can regrow


11mya-Present Day

Enemy in the TV Series

Saltwater crocodile


43mph (60 km/h)

First Appearance

Great White Shark vs Saltwater Crocodile

Great White Shark (Carcharodon carcharias) also known as White PointerWhite shark and White Death is the most feared sharks in the world. It is the most dangerous predatory shark currently and preys on fish, sea turtles, seals and sea lions. It appears in Episode 1 to battle the Saltwater crocodile.

Size and WeightEdit

Average Great White Sharks are around 6 meters long.
Great white shark info graphic

A great white shark compared to a human (BBC WF image).

However, the biggest ever was over 7 meters long and weighed 3 tons.   


Great White Sharks are the most fearsome sharks of the modern times. They can bite with a force of around 2 metric tons. Sharks also regrow their teeth as they fall out with age.

The fastest Great White Sharks can swim at speeds of up to 43 mph. (60 km/h)

Great White Sharks have an incredible sense of smell and can smell prey from a mile away. Some experts believe they can smell fear.

Great White Sharks colors are ideal for their hunting methods and allows the sharks to blend in with their  surroundings.


Great White Sharks will drown if they stop moving for a long period of time because they cannot breathe once they stop.

Sharks must stay in water.

Chances of WinningEdit


  • Heavier than the crocodile
  • The crocodile must come up for air, giving the shark an attack opportunity
  • Greater sense of smell
  • Faster
  • More Agile
  • More Maneuverable
  • Sharper Teeth


  • No Armour


Great White vs Saltwater CrocodileEdit

Off the coast of northern Australia, a female Great White Shark is on the lookout for prey, unprepared for a fight. She collides with a large male crocodile and refers it for prey. The crocodile tries to bit the shark but can't get a grip. The shark charges at the crocodile who tears off her left fin. It is a hard wound, but not enough. The crocodile clamps his mouth on the shark's snout, and the `shark is unable to bite back. The crocodile redoes the death roll, but breaks it to go up for air. It looks like it is over but the shark is still strong. Even missing a fin, she returns and strikes into the crocodile's soft under-belly, killing the crocodile instantly. 


  • It is one of the two animals to appear in the first episode.
  • It is the only shark to win.
  • This is the first creature to defeat a crocodile.
  • Dan Huber was the shark expert in this episode.
  • A shark's teeth are designed to hold and saw or tear through its prey such as fish and seals; they are sharper than those of a crocodile.
  • The Great White Shark is arguably the mightiest predator in the entire series.
  • As shown by the BBC series "Inside Nature's Giants", a great white shark's bite is actually weaker than a crocodile's.
  • The Great White Shark and the Anaconda are the only two female animals to win; the rest of the winners are males.