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The Hippopotamus, one of Africa' deadliest mammals. Although it is a plant-eater (an herbivore), it is armed with 2 15 cm long canines in its lower jaws, and it kills more people in Africa, than even the Nile Crocodile or the African lion does.

Vs. the Bull shark, one of the most dangerous sharks in the world, and the largest shark to ever come into fresh water bodies.

Physical statsEdit

At 4.5 m in length, the hippopotamus in the third biggest mammal in Africa; only the elephant and the white rhinoceros is bigger. Fully grown, a hippopotamus can weigh from 2.640 to 3.6 tons.


The hippopotamus lives primarily along east Africa's Nile river valley, in deep lakes and rivers near grasslands and river beds.


The hippopotamus has a wound, and the smell of blood attracts the bull shark. The bull shark hits the hippo with his bump and bite technique, startling the hippo and causing it to thrash in fear. After confirming the hippo is food, he tries to attack by biting the hippo's body and stomach as hard as he can. The hippo's thick hide combined with his enormous girth is too much of a mouthful for the much smaller shark. Even the thin skin on the back leg proves too tough for the shark. However, the bull shark manages to bite off the hippo's tail. Badly hurt, the hippopotamus still doesn't know what hit him, but the very painful attack rouses his bad temper. The hippo counterattacks by putting his huge head into the water, his enormous jaws easily encircling the shark. As he opens his huge mouth the shark charges forward with his own mouth open, only to be killed when the hippo crunches down on his head, ending the fight.


  • Dr. Ellen Rogers was the hippopotamus expert on the show.
  • The hippopotamus was the third herbivore to appear on AFO up to date, and the second winner (after the elephant).
  • The hippopotamus is the first even-toed ungulate the have appeared on the show up to date.
  • The hippopotamus is the first aquatic mammal to have win the face-off.
  • When testing the biomechanical hippopotamus with an oil drum (bull shark substitute), the combined weight proved to be too heavy, and the model broke.