The Jaguar, the biggest and strongest wild cat of the New World;

vs the Anaconda, one of the biggest snakes in the world.

Who is deadliest?

Jaguar vs AnacondaEdit

The female green anaconda named Kaa slithers in the riverbanks while the male jaguar named Max enters it. She flickers her tongue out as Max senses danger but can't see her. Kaa then strikes rapidly from beneath the water of the Amazon River, wrapping herself around Max and clamping her coils over his head. Both mammal and reptile sink underwater. The big cat gets away by biting the snake's tail and cutting her with his sharp claws. Hurt and bleeding, Kaa the anaconda attempts to flee, but Max the jaguar fishes the snake out of the water. Max the jaguar's determined to have her for dinner. Then Kaa the anaconda makes a sudden counterattack, grabbing the big cat's head and coiling around him again. She's retained her crown as Queen of the Jungle. Max the jaguar is too tired from the battle to fight back and is killed. He can't escape her coils anymore.


  • Dave Salmoni was the jaguar expert in this episode.
  • In real life, jaguars prey upon and kill anacondas.
  • The jaguar is named Max.