Leopard africa

The leopard (Wikipedia image).

The Leopard, the second smallest, most wide-spread and versatile of all the big cats;

vs the Gorilla, the biggest and strongest of all the primates, including man.

Who is deadliest in the African jungle?

Leopard vs Sun BearEdit

The leopard hits the bear and keeps it off balance. The leopard bites and scratches the sun bear as it trying to bite and scratch with its sharp claws

Leopard vs. GorillaEdit

Johnny the gorilla tries to avoid a fight, but Sammy the mother leopard does not back off. The leopard's night vision and stealth gives him the upper hand, but Johnny the gorilla wrestles her off and bites Sammy the leopard's shoulder making her roar in pain. When the final lunge comes, Johnny the gorilla delivers a fatal blow with his arm when she leaps over to him. He leaves her to die and killed by him, she lies on the ground to her death much to her husband's and cubs' devastation.


  • In real life, leopards often prey upon and kill gorillas, rather than vice versa.
  • Dave Salmoni was the leopard expert on the show.
  • The leopard is the second smallest wild cat to be featured on AFO up to date.
  • The mother leopard is named Samantha "Sammy".