The map of the Congolese rainforests.

Leopard vs. Gorilla is the 10th episode of AFO, and the last one to feature any big cats (up-to-date).


It was getting dark over the Congo jungle and a male gorilla was coming home to its family. Nearby a female leopard was hunting for prey. The gorilla spotted the leopard and did not want to fight, but the cat wouldn't go away, The leopard leaped onto the gorilla's back and sank her jaws into his shoulder, but the gorilla threw her off. The leopard leaped onto the gorilla again, but he threw her off again. The gorilla sank his jaws into the leopard's shoulder, causing her to roar in pain. The leopard broke free and roared at the gorilla. The gorilla roared back. The leopard then leaped towards the gorilla, but it delivered the fatal blow to the spine. The gorilla continued to get home leaving the leopard's body behind


In fact the leopard has claws that could grip onto its victims before delivering a bite through its neck. The gorilla has lethal jaws that could cut through fruit like a knife. In real life gorillas are attacked by leopards but it's rare

Items to SmashEdit

  • Bamboo
  • Coconut
  • Meat