Weighing 2.5 tons, the African southern white rhinoceros (Ceratotherium simum simum) is the biggest and most dangerous rhinoceros species in the modern world. It can run at up to 40mph.

When put against an African bull elephant, who will be victorious?


The southern white rhinoceros resides in southern Africa's grasslands and savannahs.

Elephant vs White RhinocerosEdit

A rhinoceros is eating grass; suddenly, he feels the ground shaking. A large bull elephant named Tantor is roaming the savanna. The short-tempered rhino sees him as a prominent threat – he soon attacks Tantor with his charge and thrust; but Tantor charges as well and dodges the attack. The rhino then tries to stab Tantor′s throat, but he′s too tall. Desperate to win the battle, the rhino tries an agile headbutt; however, Tantor defends his head and face with his trunk and seven-foot tusks.

Sure enough, Tantor stabs the rhino with his tusks twice – henceforth, breaking one of his tusks in the process – topples him, and crushes him under his weight, killing him. Despite speed and agility, the rhino loses. The battle won, and retaining his heavyweight title, Tantor steps off of him and trumpets in victory.


  • Vet. Ellen Rogers was the rhinoceros expert.
  • When the rhinoceros model was first pitted against a car, it flipped vertically uprise, and had to be weighed down by sacks for the experiment to be a success.
  • In real life, besides fighting elephants, rhinos have fought with lions, leopards, hyenas, jackals, and wild dogs.
  • The scene was set in the Serengeti National Park