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The Wolf is one of the biggest canine species and is the only wild 'dog' to appear on the show.


A full grown Alpha Male Wolf is over 3 metres/11 feet and weighs 150 pounds.


Wolf vs CougarEdit

A Grey Wolf appears in fifth episode to battle it's enemy, the Cougar.

The Wolf named Pete is eating a carcass, when a Cougar named Bagheera smells meat and investigates. Pete charges at Bagheera and bites his paws, but the threat of the Cougar's makes Pete back up. Bagheera, out of stamina, tries to flee, but Pete doesn't run and continues to fight. The Wolf calls for help from his family, and tries to hold off Bagheera until they arrive. Pete pounces on the Cougar and starts lashing at him, exposing himself to Bagheera lethal claws. Bagheera shoves Pete off of himself, fatally wounding the Wolf. Bagheera then stands over the defeated Pete and delivers a neck bite, killing him. But Bagheera to retreat when he hears the aproaching howls of Pete's wolf pack.


  • Peggy Callahan (also featured on MonsterQuest) was the wolf expert on the show.
  • Wolves are, even in real life, enemies with Cougars. In the Face-Off it is shown since the Wolf fiercly wanted the Cougar to eat.
  • This is the only animal to be beaten by a Big Cat, and not be a Big Cat itself.